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Driver Safety Article

BRAKE - Driver Knowledge Program

Have you heard about the BRAKE program for shcools? The BRAKE Driver Awareness Program was created to establish effective driving preparation for young drivers. It's about making it easier for them to understand their own limits when they start driving. The acronym behind the name breaks down to:

  • Behaviour: Aiming to adjust the behaviour of young drivers and preparing them to become more conscious of the dangers they are likely to face on the road.
  • Risk: Centres on identifiying hazardous situations and recognising associated risks
  • Attitude: Helps young drivers manage driving with the care needed to avoid crashes, teaching responsibility and duty. It also encourages young drivers to recognise potential risks associated with passenger behaviour.
  • Knowledge: Exposing young drivers to risks associated with driving and experience to draw upon should they encounter a hazard on the road.
  • Education: The main consideration of this program is that young drivers can be taught what they need to know in order to be safer drivers.

Because knowledge is the key for changing behaviour, the BRAKE program is delivered by accredited BRAKE trainers who have proven their teaching ability.

Some of the key issues that the program aims to address are:

  • It takes time for driving to become "second nature". Practice makes perfect and practice takes time.
  • Young drivers often perceive risks differently to adult drivers. This means that they may misjudge dangerous situations.
  • Young drivers may underestimate the outcomes of danger.

BRAKE is sponsored by the community and is provided free of charge to schools. With the communities support BRAKE is able to provide a fundamental road safety message to schools, students and their parents.

There are currently 120 schools participating in the project providing support for over 50,000 students. If BRAKE is not currently available within your area you can contact the program organisers via the following link: http://www.brake.org.au/AboutUs/ContactUs.aspx. Speak with your teacher, school or parents if you think BRAKE can benefit your community!

  • The Rockhampton PCYC currently supports the BRAKE program
  • Currently provided to 120+ schools and 50,000+ students